Website Visitor Conversion and Call to Action Ready

Our website generator program and CMS is also Website Visitor Conversion and Call to Action Ready.

Your business always has a majority target audience, and your website should address that audience with a clarion voice.

There are 3 Steps to Having an Effective Website

1) Your site must be properly developed.  (It MUST be responsive to mobiles or "mobile-friendly", for example.

2) You must get qualified traffic to your website.  (Qualified traffic means people that are actually interested in your product or service.)

3) You must CONVERT your site's visitors into customers.  (Doing this well requires a good call to action).

It takes investment and effort at each stage above, but if you don't provide some energy for step #3, your work on #1 & #2 will fall short.

Start by developing your company's marketing message

Your marketing message should be CLEAR and visible above the fold on ALL of your web pages.

The Proven BEST Call to Action Methods

We enable the best PROVEN call to action methods and urge you to use them.

1) Your CORE message should be in the header of your website, at the top of every page.

2) Your COMPLETE message should be visible in info-graphics in your home page slide show.

3) Your MESSAGE should be printed in type or text in the first readable paragraph on your website.

4) Your MESSAGE should be VISUAL AND AUDIBLE (via the use of a 30-60 second welcome video) above the fold on your website.

5) If you utilize a slide show that spans the entire width of the top of your page, have the first slide invite visitors to watch your video and hypertext link the click to anchor of the video itself.

6) Have your call to action button directly BELOW your VIDEO.

7) At the end of your welcome video, tell your viewers to click the button below!

How Our Program Enables these Proven Conversion Mechanisms

The video, call to action button and resulting landing page are programmed into the core of our program.  Your call to action (video and action button) will automatically show at the top of your home page when someone uses a mobile phone.

Use a Persistent Sidebar

We advocate the use of a persistent side bar, assuring that no matter what page a visitor comes to on your website, your welcome video and call to action button are in front of them.

This side bar can be on the left or right side of the page.

Website Visitor Conversion and Call to Action Ready
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