Easy Embed Youtube Videos!

Without doubt the most powerful and most often neglected social media and internet traffic generator available for local cafes and restaurants is YouTube.  

Our CMS makes includes an Easy Embed Youtube Videos function.

Here is how to make it work.

1) Create your youtube account and channel if you don't already have one.  It is free.

2) Create your video.

3) Upload it to your channel and publish it via youtube.

4) View it live and then get the embed code from youtube.  (Copy the code).

5) Open the website editor (CMS), go to the page where you want the video and using the Webmaster's Toolbox at the top and center of the page editor, select embed HTML code.

6) Pop the code onto the page and publish.  That's it!

7) Your video is now live on your website and working for you via the youtube social platform!

The code will look something like this below:

Easy Embed Youtube Videos!
Mon 11AM - 9PM
Tue 11AM - 9PM
Wed 11AM - 9PM
Thu 11AM - 9PM
Fri 11AM - 9PM
Sat 11AM - 10PM
Sun 11AM - 10PM