Local Search Marketing

Cool cafe sites is also a provider of Local Search Marketing Services!

Say Goodbye to the High Prices of the Phone Companies that Sell this Service!

We will gain control of your visibility in local search with our program that connects directly to ALL of the major data aggregators that feed local search via search engines and mobile apps.

We will make sure your business's NAP (Name, Address & Phone Number) or otherwise called your "business citation" is accurate.

We will eliminate the confusing duplicates that are generated by unauthorized programs.

If your business is not connected to google properly, we'll get it fixed for you.  (We will need access to your business's gmail account.  If you don't have one, we will take care of it for you, (and then turn the control of your google services back to you!)

We offer two options for local search:

Basic Local Search

  • All major US Data Aggregators
  • $50/mo
  • and a one-time, $250 setup fee!

Advanced Local Search

  • All major US Data Aggregators
  • Over 300 Most Important Internet Directories (including Apple / Siri)
  • $150/mo
  • and a one-time, $500 setup fee!

Does Your Business Qualify?

Your business MUST have either google places confirmed with google maps or your physical location verified via FaceBook in order to qualify for local search marking services.

You must have a physical location (retail place) in order to have local search marketing.  It is NOT available for "internet only" business types.  Sorry!

But, no worries, you qualify if you are a cafe or restaurant!

Local Search Marketing
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